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Alation Search

Organizations struggle to navigate a growing sea of data. As data volume surges, finding and using the right data becomes impossible.

Universal search

Is your data decentralized – spread across databases, lakehouses, file systems, and more? Alation's universal search bar makes it easy to search all sources at once. Quickly browse and discover the most relevant, trusted data, labeled with natural language.

Advanced search

Pinpoint the right data rapidly. Advanced search filters let you narrow down results by object type. Sort by custom tags relevant to your focus, or organize by quality, spotlighting data that is endorsed or deprecated. Save your custom searches to easily run them again.

Screenshot of Alation's Search Function's Search API example

Search API

Leverage a variety of flexible APIs on Alation's open and extensible platform. Connect developers to the asset they need with the Search API, where they can find data sources, schemas, tables, columns, or attributes through a custom field.

Screenshot of Alation's Search Function on Alation's Marketplace

Alation Marketplaces

Augment your enterprise data with certified, trusted information. Alation Marketplaces connects you to high-value, third-party datasets to uncover new insights. Search across multiple data marketplaces – including Snowflake Data Exchange, Datarade, and public sources like – from one spot.

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Everything is just right there at your fingertips. You can perform a keyword search on a term that you heard in passing and learn more about that data. It's kind of like performing a Google search on the data within your company. It makes finding things very, very simple.

Nolan Steiner

Manager of Data Science, Avista