Alation for Technology Firms

Stay Agile with Data Intelligence

Power digital strategies with the right data to reach new markets and drive customer growth.

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Alation for technology

Technology firms employ digital strategies to expand markets and build customer bases. Leveraging the vast data they generate is a competitive advantage and key to delivering new and innovative ideas to rapidly changing customer markets.

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Build data-driven products

Great products require a deep understanding of the customer — backed by data-driven insights. By applying data intelligence at every step of the product development cycle, Alation helps technology firms drive successful product launches, improve customer satisfaction, and realize profitable growth.

Navigate business complexity

Business metrics like churn rate and campaign success are critical to navigating changing customer markets. Alation delivers deep access to the right data, collaboration across teams, and the governance to find the right data that analysts need to speed the delivery of answers to guide the business.

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Meet governance & regulatory needs

The rapidly evolving regulatory environment poses a challenge to companies innovating and reaching new markets with data. Alation enables technology companies to address regulations like CCPA and GDPR while still activating their data to drive innovation.

Optimize operations

To stay ahead, digital innovators constantly streamline and refine operations. Fragmented data can cloud the insights needed to make data-driven decisions. Alation provides a single, real-time view of data and the context and governance to power AI and automation and reduce decision-making friction.

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We use Alation to understand our data and empower our teams with critical insights to build better products.

Paul Liberman

President, Global Technology & Product, DraftKings