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Our partners play a critical role in helping innovative organizations find, understand and trust data

As the leader in Unified Data Analytics, Databricks helps data teams solve the world’s toughest problems.

"Databricks helps organizations make all their data ready for analytics, empower data-driven decisions across the organization, and rapidly adopt machine learning to outpace the competition."

— Databricks
Snowflake equips organizations with a single, integrated platform that offers the only data warehouse built for the cloud.

"Snowflake’s cloud data platform shatters the barriers that have prevented organizations of all sizes from unleashing the true value from their data."

— Snowflake
Dataiku is the centralized data platform that democratizes the use of data science, machine learning, and AI in the enterprise.

"With Dataiku, businesses are uniquely empowered to move along their data journey from data preparation to analytics at scale to Enterprise AI."

— Dataiku
Tableau helps customers see and understand data with visual analytics, easily build dashboards, and perform analysis

"The integration between Alation and Tableau provides a powerful platform for people to leverage data that is trustworthy and easy to understand."

— TODD TALKINGTON, Director Technology Partnerships
EC Integrators
EC Integrators is a leading provider of data governance and data management solutions and architecture for over 25 years.

"EC Integrators’ partnership with Alation helps our clients establish a single point of trust for their data using the leader in Machine Learning Data Catalog."

— Emy Carr, Managing Director of EC Integrators
Solita Logo
Solita is a digital transformation company. Our services range from strategic consulting to service design, software development, AI & analytics, cloud and integration services.

"We have tested several data catalogs with our customers and Alation has been the clear winner in every case so far."

— Pekka Ahola, SVP Data & Cloud, Solita
Looker is a platform for data that streamlines the data supply chain to create actionable information.

"At Looker we're focused on empowering users with a single source of truth. The Looker and Alation solution enables our customers to realize this vision"

— Nouras Haddad, Alliances Director
BluePatagon provides business analytics services aligning our clients’ needs to technology solutions, paving the way to innovation and profit.

"We include Alation in the analytics data environment for our customers because we are convinced that is the best and easiest data catalog to use and implement. "

— Gustavo Vignera, CEO
Paxata transforms data into information to empower every person, process, and system in the organization to be more intelligent.

"Paxata with Alation offers a powerful synergy between self-service data preparation and data cataloging to achieve the fastest delivery of trustworthy business information for all data users."

— Chris Maddox, Co-founder and SVP Business Development & Alliances
WG Consulting data catalog partner
WG Consulting is a full-service consulting firm offering expertise across finance, technology, human resources, and operations

"WG Consulting partners with Alation to enable clients to access and share enterprise data, capturing hidden insights to drive business growth."

— Andy Roehr, Managing Director
TESCH data catalog partner
TESCHGlobal is a professional services firm committed to solving customers’ challenges with modern data management and BI

"Driven to empower organizations through data, Alation’s data catalog enables us to implement a modern approach to automated data organization for clients."

— Will Tesch, CEO
First San Francisco Partners data catalog partner
FSFP can help you leverage your data to improve decision-making, reduce risk and fuel digital transformation

"FSFP shares Alation's commitment to bridge the data trust gap and enable data literacy with an agile approach to data governance and metadata."

— Kelle O’Neal, CEO
Quickpath data catalog partner
Quickpath helps companies leveraging real time data and machine learning to make intelligent decisions at scale

"Alation’s data catalog combined with Quickpath’s advanced model management capabilities allow customers to build and manage ML powered decisioning at enterprise scale."

— Alex Fly, CEO
Mettacite data catalog partner
Mettacite is dedicated to helping companies understand, manage and leverage data assets to create profitable and sustainable growth

"Mettacite and Alation share a common mission to help companies optimize operational performance with better data utilization."

— Nancy Schuetz, Managing Director and CEO
Teradata is the world's leading provider of business analytics solutions helping companies achieve high business impact

"Every enterprise can become a Sentient Enterprise - one that quickly observes, adapts and learns. Alation is a critical part of our customers achieving this end state."

Trifacta is a data preparation platform that empowers analysts and data engineers to explore, assess & refine data for analysis

"Alation and Trifacta provide the best technologies for data cataloging and data manipulation, enabling customers to transform their data into actionable insights."

Agilisium exists to quicken our client's journey from data to Insight, in the most stable, secure and scalable manner

"As strong evangelists of enterprise data governance, we view Alation as a strategic partner that completes our data governance toolkit."

— Raj Babu, Founder
Information Asset is a boutique consulting firm that delivers business services and technical solutions for data governance

"Because Alation supports business, technical, and operational metadata, we are able to create holistic data governance programs for clients."

Cleartelligence is a leading data and analytics consulting firm, helping customers solve data-centric business problems

"Alation enables Cleartelligence to deliver trusted, actionable insights by fostering collaboration throughout organizations."

— Anil Bharadwa, Managing Partner
Harken Data is a market-leading analytics consulting company, helping businesses manage and unlock true value from their data

"By partnering with Alation, we can deliver the most comprehensive data catalog to chief data officers and help them transform their data as a strategic asset."

LumenData is a leading provider of EIM solutions with expertise in MDM, data strategy, quality, governance & predictive analytics

"We're thrilled to be partnering with Alation - a leader in the Enterprise Data Catalog Space, to help our customers maximize their data management initiatives."

Keyrus is a global data consulting firm with over 3000 consultants focused on helping people make better data driven decisions

"Alation’s extensive connectivity to all parts of the data platform, along with its analytics progress and adoption we've seen among our clients is huge."

MIP has provided technology, consulting, training and support in data and analytics to clients in Australia for over 26 years

"Alation’s technology & approach to collaboration, analytics and data governance sets customers on a path of real data discovery."

— Steve Hitchman, Founder and CEO
Saracus Consulting is dedicated to increasing the analytical competence of organizations for more than 25 years in big data

"As an Alation partner, we find great value in the detailed resources and great communication with Alation to satisfy the needs of our customers."

USEReady Technologies provides solutions that give life to data by giving the power to end users

"The ability to empower knowledge workers to fully leverage their data is finally here with Alation’s technology and USEReady’s solutions."


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