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Alation Brief

Accelerating Your Data and AI Journey with Alation Consumption Tracker and Peak Performance

Discover how Peak Performance elevates your enterprise visibility with the Alation Data Intelligence Platform. This briefing will demonstrate how Peak Performance, powered by Alation and Snowflake, boosts enterprise visibility by accelerating migrations, optimizing Snowflake performance, and driving trusted data adoption.

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Unlock the Power of Data Culture with DCMM

Unlocking the potential of Generative AI through a robust data culture is no longer just a trend, but a necessity in today's business landscape. According to McKinsey, the economic impact of Generative AI could reach between $2 and $4 Trillion annually, emphasizing the pivotal role of data in driving productivity gains. However, realizing these benefits requires organizations to embrace a culture where data serves as the cornerstone of AI endeavors.

Alation Brief

Improving Time to Value with ALLIE AI Suggested Descriptions

Watch this on-demand Alation Brief to learn how Alation integrates AI features to accelerate time to value. In this session, you will discover how suggested descriptions and suggested stewards can save you time and effort. 

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Mastering Critical Data Elements: A Blueprint for Modern Data Governance

In today's data-driven world, the effective governance and management of Critical Data Elements (CDEs) are imperative for ensuring organisational efficiency, compliance, and strategic decision-making. 

Alation Brief

Unlock Trust and Transparency with Business Lineage

Business lineage illuminates the relationships among data assets, stakeholders, and governance frameworks, fostering trust and facilitating the realization of data’s full potential for everyone.


The Healthcare Data Governance Playbook: Fast Tracking AI Success

How can healthcare and life science organizations leverage AI? Leaders are realizing the path to impactful, ethical AI begins with trusted, quality data. This playbook reveals how data governance delivers trusted data for critical AI initiatives in the sector.  

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Navigating Cloud Migration: Strategies for Success with Snowflake, Alation, and Soda

This is a webinar on navigating cloud migration with industry leaders Snowflake, Alation, and Soda. It contains valuable guidance on the complexities of cloud migration, focusing on planning, execution, and long-term success.


Automation Bots Datasheet

Alation believes that scale comes from automating repetitive tasks and notifying stewards to take action only when something needs to be done. With Alation Bots, stewards can now have more time to spend on business-critical items and provide others with more curated data to accelerate and sustain their data initiatives.

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Navigating the AI Landscape: How to Make your Data AI-Ready with Michele Goetz

Organizations are eager to get their AI initiatives running; but are they AI-ready? Hear Steve Wooledge of Alation and guest speaker Michele Goetz, VP Analyst at Forrester to discuss:

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