A High Five for Five Times: Alation Named a 2024 Inc. Best Workplace for the Fifth Time

By Ryann Slone

Published on June 18, 2024

Allie celebrating

Have you heard?! Alation has been named a 2024 Inc. Best Workplace for the fifth time!

We have to say, though: we’re not surprised.

No, really. A five-time win doesn’t just happen. It’s a direct result of the way our Alationauts live out our values each day and how we motivate each other to be the best we can be for ourselves and for our customers.

This award win exemplifies our commitment to our company culture and our team. We put our values in the driver’s seat here at Alation. Those values are:

  • Move the ball: We take small steps in the present to make it to the future we’re seeking.

  • Build for the long term: We plan to fulfill a bold, ambitious mission over decades to come.

  • Listen like you’re wrong: Data and insight are most valuable when they surprise us and prove us wrong.

  • Measure through customer impact: We measure ourselves by the impact we achieve, not the benefits we receive.

But don’t just take our (and Inc.’s) word for it. Hear from our Alationauts to learn what makes our company culture award-winning.

Our humble confidence

“We have a lot of people with significant tenure here, and people don't stay somewhere for years where they're not successful and where they’re not enjoying the culture. Some of the qualities that I think…Alationauts [embody] are being collaborative and a desire to help the next person in line. I talk a lot about humble confidence. I think that people at Alation are very good at what they do, but there's a humility in that.” — Tassia Reinhold, regional sales director.

“With many sales-led companies, you get a lot of big egos. People don't really want to help each other and are competing with each other. And I don't see that at Alation.” — Luma Kamel, business development manager, EMEA.

Do-what-it-takes mentality

“Every single person that we hire has what I like to call this do-what-it-takes mentality. And that's something that is very unique, because oftentimes so many people have their day-to-day jobs, and being able to depend on so many people when you raise your hand is something that I haven't always seen in the past.” — Kelsey Malof, account executive.

Culture of collaboration

“What's always culturally kept me excited to be here and engage with people on a daily basis is that everyone's always got an idea. You don't feel like you're always having to go sell on an island, and that's not always normally the case. That's a huge benefit of being with the Alation team.” — Nick Haithcock, account executive.

“Sales is not an individual sport. It's a team sport. I can't lift the whole rock myself; I need everyone around to support me. Some members of our sales leadership have been here for almost 12 years and are a wealth of knowledge. They're really leaders and subject matter experts about data catalogs and data governance, so I'm constantly learning from them.” — Dylan Yelinek, account executive.

The importance of people

“I've been lucky enough to have across the years at our club trips where you bring these people together and you and genuinely get to know them. And then when you get to work with them the following week, it becomes a force that becomes really powerful. And it's almost a competitive differentiation for us because the people are the most important part of our company. If we all like each other and we know about each other, we can build a better business.” — Michael Lupo, svp, global sales.

Join Alation

Become an Alationaut! We’re hiring collaborative and motivated go-getters like yourself to join our team. Head to our careers page to see our latest open roles, including Enterprise Account Executive roles in San Francisco, Seattle, and New York. And who knows: with each new addition to Team Alation, we could be looking at a 6X win!

  • Our humble confidence
  • Do-what-it-takes mentality
  • Culture of collaboration
  • The importance of people
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