Alation + Dataiku: Drive Greater Value from Data Science

By Raja Perumal

Published on October 13, 2020

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Today we are excited to announce our partnership with Dataiku. Together, Alation’s industry-leading data catalog and Dataiku’s leading global enterprise AI and machine learning platform enable enterprises to drive more value from data science. The partnership expedites the time and accuracy of data science insights for organizations.

Data scientists, analysts, and engineers use Dataiku to build, train, and deliver effective data models, recipes, and experiments efficiently. With Alation, data scientists can automatically ingest curated datasets from Alation directly into Dataiku, decreasing the time spent searching for data and subject matter experts, while ensuring data quality. And, Alation users can discover models, recipes, and projects built in Dataiku and ensure models are properly governed and adhere to emerging data privacy regulations.

The result is accelerated time to value, more collaborative and efficient data science teams, and assurance that sensitive data used to create AI and ML models is properly classified and governed.

More Collaborative Data Science

The value of data science multiplies when it is used and applied across the organization. Innovative enterprises like Pfizer and GE Aviation leverage Alation and Dataiku help data scientists collaborate with one another and with data consumers of differing technical expertise and experience — helping to amplify the impact of data science across the enterprise.

After ingesting the models and recipes created in Dataiku, Alation allows data stewards to govern data science products in the same interface as traditional datasets. Diverse groups of user personas and skillsets can work tag and curate models, including adding models to business glossary terms.

Watch the webinar with Pfizer’s Neil Patel, director of data science, to find out how one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies makes data science collaborative with Alation and Dataiku, and get an insider’s perspective on leveraging Alation for data science with Pfizer data scientist, Kathy Xu.

Learn More About Alation and Dataiku

Alation makes it easy for data scientists, analysts, and engineers to find and trust data to use for building models within Dataiku. To learn more about how Alation complements Dataiku’s AI and machine learning platform visit the partner page and request a demo.

  • More Collaborative Data Science
  • Learn More About Alation and Dataiku
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