Today, we are excited to announce our collaboration with Looker. Looker provides a modern platform for data & analytics used by more than 2,000 customers. By using Alation with Looker, you can easily find and understand trusted data to use for creating powerful data experiences.

Alation provides one place to search & discover data and surface intelligent suggestions that point to the most relevant, trusted information and guidance on how to use it. With Alation, Looker users can always find the most appropriate and up-to-date data to use whether they are creating dashboards, embedded analytics, workflows, and more. Alation also makes it easy to find dashboards, models, and views created with Looker, ensuring that data assets are reused rather than created and spurring collaboration across the organization.

Finally, Alation and Looker provide transparency and consistency no matter what your data environment looks like, making it easy to drive analytics on trusted data whether you are in the cloud, a hybrid environment, or migrating to the cloud.

Find and Understand the Most Trusted Data — No Matter Where it Resides

Finding relevant data to use for analytics is one of the biggest challenges for data consumers. More than 50% of data consumers find it difficult — and sometimes impossible — to find relevant data for BI and analytics, according to a recent user survey by Dresner Advisory Services. With Alation, Looker users can easily find trusted data to use for analytics — no matter where that data resides.

Alation provides one place for data consumers to discover the data they need, whether in the cloud, on-premises, or within a BI or data science tool. Alation’s intelligent suggestions also guide data consumers to the right data while surfacing related data assets, projections, policies, and guidelines to ensure that the data is being used the right way.

Reuse and Collaborate Rather than Starting from Scratch

Alation helps Looker users better leverage the wealth of information created with Looker. Data consumers can easily find relevant data assets that their colleagues create with Looker and connect with the experts on that data in their organization. Together, Alation and Looker empower data consumers to spend less time creating work from scratch and more time building off of the work of others — increasing productivity and spurring collaboration.

Cloud, Hybrid, Multi-Cloud? — No problem

Many enterprises are moving workloads to the cloud while keeping some data (rightfully) on-premises or leveraging multiple clouds in the same environment. These strategies can have strong benefits for security, ROI, and performance, but leveraging data from disparate sources can be challenging for analytics users and migrating data to-and-from the cloud can create complications, inefficiencies, and risk.

Alation and Looker make it easy to find, understand, and leverage data no matter what your environment looks like. Looker’s LookML enables data consumers to translate extraction logic from on-premises to cloud environments seamlessly. Alation makes it easy to connect to data no matter where it resides. And if you are migrating to the cloud, Alation can be used to determine what data should move and what data should stay while providing one place to find and understand data no matter where it currently resides or where its being moved to.

Learn More About Alation and Looker

Alation makes it easy to find trusted data to use for creating powerful analytics experiences with Looker. Alation pioneered the modern data catalog market, and is leading the evolution of the data catalog to become a platform for data intelligence. To learn more about how Alation complements Looker’s modern data & analytics platform visit the partner page and request a demo.