A Triumphant Trilogy: Alation Is Snowflake’s Data Governance Partner of the Year for the 3rd Straight Year

By Jonathan Bruce, VP of Product Management, Alation

Published on June 27, 2023

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Two straight victories is impressive. Three in a row is a pattern of peak performance.

For the third straight year, Snowflake has named Alation its Data Governance Partner of the Year. This achievement, announced at Snowflake Summit this week — visit us at booth #2320 — showcases our vital contribution in streamlining governance and enabling customers to unlock enhanced value from the Snowflake Data Cloud. Today, we have more than 250 joint customers with Snowflake using Alation to maximize Data Cloud potential.

"The combination of Alation's Active Data Governance and Snowflake's Data Cloud is game-changing."

Anthony Seraphim

VP of Data Governance, Texas Mutual Insurance Company

Centralizing data intelligence to optimize cloud data

Today's modern businesses rely on cloud-based and AI-driven tools in their quest to become data-centric. The exponential increase in raw data increases the risk of data redundancy, inconsistency, and data silos. Those risks may cause organizations to consolidate and centralize data management to ensure a single source of trust across the entire organization.

However, centralizing data can create bottlenecks due to limited data engineering resources. Rather than centralizing data, Alation centralizes data intelligence. This means a single source of knowledge — context including description, policies, and origin — associated with data.

By uniting this knowledge within a single search and discovery interface, Alation allows all data consumers to find, understand, and trust enterprise data on their own, without tapping data engineering resources.

Plus, our composable software architecture promotes flexibility, agility, scalability, and reusability, empowering organizations to leverage up-to-date innovations and weather shifting trends.

"Alation has absolutely accelerated the adoption of Snowflake amongst our users."

Peter Langham

Domain Chapter Lead - Data Engineering, Spark

The evolution of our data governance capabilities

Achieving the balance in governance is never one and done and to meet this challenge, our data governance capabilities have grown and evolved since we received last year’s award:

  • GigaOm named us an Innovation Leader in their Radar report for data governance, where we received maximum scores in criteria including Central Management Console, Sensitive Data Cataloging, Automatic Classification, and Data Provenance.

  • We brought governance (among other powerful features) to spreadsheets like Google Sheets & Microsoft Excel with Alation Connected Sheets, which pulls in trusted data from sources directly into the spreadsheet natively.

  • We’ve empowered additional customers to achieve their governance goals. At Crocs, users now create Power BI reports with the correct data assets (and catalog all Snowflake warehouse data using Alation), while at WoodmenLife, Alation reduced workflows and improved productivity with “good governance.”

More Snowflake badges of honor

At last year’s Summit, Snowflake launched the Snowflake Partner Network (SPN) Competency Program, which acknowledges its partners for their Snowflake expertise and dedication to driving customer impact throughout the Data Cloud ecosystem. At that Summit, we received competency badges in five categories: financial services, healthcare and life sciences, media, retail and CPG, and technology. This year we received two additional badges for manufacturing and telecommunications, a further testament to our Alation and Snowflake’s broad usability to 250 joint customers across all business types and industries.

Alation's 7 industry competency badges from Snowflake

"For the first time, we are getting a clear understanding of our data landscape thanks to Alation. The Alation data intelligence platform is the foundation of our technology stack, allowing us to unlock new insights and unearth and address previously hidden bottlenecks."

Kam Rokon

Data Officer, WoodmenLife

The data governance journey continues

While we’re honored to add to our collection of trophies and awards, our true focus lies in being an integral part of Snowflake's partner ecosystem. We are dedicated to assisting our shared customers in expediting their data migrations and maximizing the potential of their Data Cloud. 

It's worth noting that the governance journey we’re continuing with Snowflake is just one aspect of our broader investment in helping companies govern their data. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements and developments.

  • Centralizing data intelligence to optimize cloud data
  • The evolution of our data governance capabilities
  • More Snowflake badges of honor
  • The data governance journey continues
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