Brilliance Badges

A Brilliance Badge is a way for learners to show what they know as they increase their knowledge and skills about The Alation Data Catalog and build their own data culture. These credentials earned through several of our Alation University courses represent short, competency-based recognition of specific content.

Alation User

The Get to Know Alation course introduces the Alation Data Catalog and shares the basics for anyone seeking to gain real value from their data. With no prerequisites other than your own curiosity, this course is less than 20 minutes and will show you a data catalog that brings together the best of data intelligence and human brilliance.

Alation Data Governance Advocate

Alation Data Governance simplifies how organizations enforce authority over the definition, production, and use of their data. This foundational course supports modern Data Governance and demonstrates the Alation Data Catalog’s impressive performance when supporting Data Governance initiatives.

Alation Data Steward

Stewardship of the data catalog is a key function in driving the adoption of the data catalog as well as a part of any Active Data Governance program. This course covers what a user assigned the Steward role has access to, and how they can monitor their curation progress for data objects they are assigned.

Data Analyst Advocate

The Analyst Advocate Brilliance Badge is the next step in our program for anyone who performs data analysis within their role or works with data on a regular basis. This course provides guidance and shares methods that enable analysts to integrate use of the data catalog into their workflows.