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Alation Data
Governance Course

Including the Alation Data Governance
Advocate Credential

Alation Data Governance Course Description

Alation Data Governance simplifies how organizations enforce authority over the definition, production, and use of their data. The Alation Data Catalog enables Active Data Governance, which accelerates a program’s time to success. This foundational course supports modern Data Governance with an active, non-invasive focus, and demonstrates the Alation Data Catalog’s impressive performance when supporting Data Governance initiatives.

Course Details

Alation: 300+ Alation employees


All members of the data governance community


Approximately 2 hours 30 minutes



Course Outline

  • The basic framework for Data Governance.
  • Active Data Governance – what it means, why it works, and how to implement it.
  • The Alation Data Catalog as a central element in Data Governance.
  • Principles, process, and characteristics of Active Data Governance.
  • Getting started with Data Governance and the role of stewardship.
  • Metadata management and data quality.
  • Other data and information initiatives and how they integrate with Data Governance.


At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Find and recognize stewards who are already doing stewardship work.
  • Build a framework based on the eight steps of Active Data Governance.
  • Describe clearly why top-down, command-and-control governance fails.
  • Deploy the Alation Data Catalog to support metadata management.
  • Ensure executive sponsorship following a plan to maximize success.
  • Connect your data quality initiatives to the Data Catalog.

Associated Credential:
Alation Data Governance Advocate Badge

Credential Requirements:

  • Register and complete the Alation Data Governance course.
  • Pass the Alation Data Governance assessment at the end of the course; an untimed 25 question assessment with a required passing score of 80%.

Credential Description:

Alation Data Governance Advocate recipients have demonstrated that they have foundational knowledge of the fundamental goals, principles, processes, methods, and desired outcomes of a Data Governance initiative in a modern enterprise.

Alation Data Governance Advocate Badge