Data Literacy Matters: The Writing's On The Wall

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Data Literacy Matters: The Writing's On The Wall



June 7, 2018   |   11AM PT / 2PM ET 

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Democratizing data access is not enough  


Just putting data into the hands of more people doesn’t make a data-driven organization. Employees need to be confident enough to leverage the data and competent enough to use it for smart decision-making.  

According to Forrester, “90% of data and analytics decision-makers see increasing the use of data insights in business decision making as a priority” while “91% report that improving the use of data insights in decision making is challenging for their organizations.”  

The gap is due to the lack of skills to use tools and the data to drive business outcomes. The answer lies in data literacy defined as, “the ability to recognize, evaluate, work with, communicate, and apply data in the context of business priorities and outcomes.”  

Download this research report to learn:  

  • The five key elements of a solid data literacy program 
  • The role of communication and training in building data literacy 
  • How a good data literacy curriculum should address everyone’s need while embracing awareness, comprehension, expertise, and scale 
  • How increased data literacy could result in AI adoption and automation

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