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Our Leadership Team

Satyen Sangani: Chief Executive Officer
Satyen Sangani
Chief Executive Officer
Aaron Kalb: Alation Chief of Data & Analytics
Aaron Kalb
Chief Data & Analytics Officer
Eric Chan: Alation Chief Financial Officer
Eric Chan
Chief Financial Officer
Tracy Eiler: Alation Chief Marketing Officer
Tracy Eiler
Chief Marketing Officer
Raj Gossain: Alation SVP of Product
Raj Gossain
Chief Product Officer
Alation Chief of Staff Satya Mishra
Satya Mishra
Chief of Staff, Vice President of Corporate Development
Tim O'Neil: Alation VP of Worldwide Sales
Tim O’Neil
Chief Revenue Officer
Junaid Saiyed: Alation SVP of Engineering
Junaid Saiyed
Chief Technology Officer
Dean Thomas: Alation SVP of Customer Success
Dean Thomas
Chief Customer Officer
Joy Wolken: Alation VP of People and Culture
Joy Wolken
Chief People Officer