Subprocessor List

Version: July 12th, 2024

To deliver its services to customers Alation, Inc. (Alation) may engage its Affiliates, third-party subprocessors, or professional services partners.

Alation Affiliates

Alation may involve its Affiliates to provide account management and/or technical support for the applicable services. Operating on a 'follow the sun' model for technical support, authorized employees of Alation Affiliates may access customer personal data as necessary to deliver support services.

Entity Name


Alation Australia PTY Ltd


Alation Austria GmbH


Alation Germany GmbH


Alation India Pvt Ltd


Alation Poland sp. z o.o.


Alation Sweden AB


Alation Singapore PTE LTD


Alation UK Limited

United Kingdom

Third-Party Subprocessors

Below is a list of the entity names, descriptions of the services provided, and locations of the third-party subprocessors engaged by Alation.

Entity Name

Description of the Processing

Location(s) Services, Inc.

Data hosting, infrastructure, and storage

Australia, Canada, Ireland, Germany, Japan, United States

Atlassian, Inc.

Engineering support ticket processing

United States

Coveo Solutions, Inc.

Indexing the Alation University and Community sites

United States

Datadog, Inc.

Log processing for debugging, troubleshooting, auditing, reporting and detecting and alerting on application behavior

United States

dbt Labs, Inc.

Data Build tool, used for data analytics

United States


Data catalog search service

Ireland, Germany, United States

FiveTran Inc.

Data replication tool

United States

Higher Logic, LLC

Hosts the Alation Community site

United States


Badging provider for courses within Alation University

United States, Inc.

Customer support ticketing via the Service Cloud

United States

Skilljar Inc.

Hosts the Alation University content

United States

Snowflake Inc.

Enables data storage, processing, and analytics

United States

Talend, Inc.

Data replication tool

United States


Send emails about the services

United States

Professional Services Subprocessors

For information about the specific partner(s) offering professional services to you, if any, please contact your Alation representative or refer to your professional services agreement.


Alation regularly updates its subprocessor list to reflect any changes in the entities processing personal data on our behalf. Customers can subscribe to notifications about new subprocessors using the form below.


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