Press Release • October 10, 2019

Alation Data Catalog Delivers 364% Return on Investment According to Total Economic Impact Study

Results Reveal Alation Data Catalog Generates Significant Business Benefits and Cost Savings for Customers

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – October 17, 2019 – Alation, Inc., the data intelligence company, today released The Total Economic Impact™ of the Alation Data Catalog, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Alation. The in-depth study examines the return on investment (ROI) Alation provides by enabling users of varying skill sets and backgrounds to find, understand, trust, use, and reuse data. The results of the independent study revealed that organizations using the Alation Data Catalog can experience a 364% return on investment (ROI).

To understand the benefits, cost and risks of investment, Forrester interviewed seven global Alation customers and analyzed their experience using the Alation Data Catalog. The customers represented a variety of industries including e-commerce, engineering, insurance, and technology. In addition to significant ROI, the results revealed cost savings and business benefits including:

  • $2.7 million in time saved due to shortened data discovery. With the Alation Data Catalog, analysts can complete a project 70% faster.

  • Increased self-service use of data by business users. Before using the Alation Data Catalog business users had to work closely with data analysts and engineers to receive the data necessary to make decisions. Alation enables business users to self-serve and find answers in a matter of hours.

  • $286,085 savings from shortening the onboarding of new analysts by at least 50%. With Alation, users can learn and understand data assets and queries much faster, decreasing the time it takes to onboard new analysts.

According to a customer interviewed for this study, the vice president of information management and strategy at a software company, “Alation is our foundation for data management. Everything depends on knowing where your assets are and what’s in the data. So, whether you’re looking at the data governance initiative and policies around the data, identifying stewards, reviewing accountability models, or controlling for data quality, it’s now all in Alation. It’s truly the foundation for everything else.”

“Clients considering Alation will find a strong MLDC to help understand and make sense of the vast sources that exist on-premises, in the cloud, and across their legacy and modern systems,” wrote Michele Goetz, Forrester principal analyst.

Interviewed companies saw business impact from using the Alation Data Catalog. These benefits included:

  • Preventing data lakes from turning into data swamps.

  • Enabling collaboration around data.

  • Improving accuracy of analysis due to increased data transparency and reuse.

  • Increasing compliance by embedding data governance policies.

  • Facilitating documentation of tribal knowledge.

“Alation is a single source of reference that allows any user within an organization to discover, understand and use data to make decisions that drive business outcomes,” said Satyen Sangani, CEO, Alation. “The Alation Enterprise Data Catalog enables every user to discover and understand the information they need — no matter where that information resides. We believe the Forrester TEI study validates that those benefits result in tangible gains to productivity and create a culture empowered to drive business outcomes.”

The Total Economic Impact™ of Alation Data Catalog study is available for download here.

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