Press Release • August 20, 2020

Alation Augments Data Lineage Capabilities with Manta Partnership

Partnership delivers advanced lineage, complete data lifecycle view, comprehensive impact analysis, and data quality assurance

Redwood City, Calif. – August 20, 2020 – Alation Inc., the leader in enterprise data intelligence solutions, today announced its partnership with Manta, a unified lineage platform, to deliver advanced data lineage for comprehensive visibility and understanding of the data lifecycle across an enterprise. The new integration, which comes on top of Alation’s core lineage functionality, offers advanced, cross-system, column-level lineage to ease regulatory compliance adherence, perform impact analysis, and notify stakeholders of upstream data changes in real-time.

Enterprises struggle to track data, its origin, and usage, across multiple data sources. The lack of comprehensive visibility into data lineage impedes effective impact analysis of upstream and downstream data changes. From a compliance standpoint, the lack of transparency into the data lifecycle hinders an organization’s ability to adhere to regulatory mandates in a timely manner.  

Today, Alation customers benefit from core lineage that includes automated, table-to-table lineage, as well as a set of lineage APIs that enable the manual augmentation of graphs to depict data flows. Manta automates the process of generating enriched, column-level lineage across data sources and reduces the need for technical resources to develop end-to-end lineage. 

With this partnership, Alation provides a single point of visibility for business users into the entire data lifecycle through fully automated advanced data lineage. Through the integration, Alation users can perform detailed impact analysis across all data sources to better understand the scope and potential impact of changes in an automated fashion. Automating lineage significantly reduces time and resources needed to perform an impact analysis, eliminating the risk of human error, and ensuring that the lineage outcome is accurate and up to date. Alation’s data quality propagation, combined with Manta’s enhanced lineage mapping at the column-level, alerts users to upstream data issues across data sources in real-time.

“As enterprises prioritize data democratization, more users have access to data and experience challenges managing lineage across multiple data sources,” said Tomas Kratky, CEO, Manta. “Manta’s primary focus has always been lineage and this approach allows us to provide end users with a truly powerful platform. Our partnership with Alation brings Manta’s lineage capabilities to all data consumers within an organization and enables them to make effective business decisions based on trusted, certified data in a timely manner. We are thrilled to have joined Alation on the journey of helping companies around the world become truly data-driven organizations.”

“The data catalog is a platform that provides business users with comprehensive visibility into what data exists, where it resides, and how to best use it. To ensure compliance with data regulations, organizations benefit from using the platform to find, understand, and trust data. Advanced lineage capabilities are key to ensuring the data is accurate,” said Kiran Narsu, Vice President, Business Development, Alation. “We’re excited to partner with Manta to help our customers understand the data journey with automated, end-to-end lineage. Now they can perform impact analysis and make connections to data that they weren’t able to before.”

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