Open Connector Program

The Partner Program for Open Connector Framework will extend connectivity with development partners and provide a winning strategy for every customer of Alation.

Broaden Connectivity

In tandem with our continual expansion of 100+ connectors, this program will empower developers to extend connectors even further, furnishing customers with a single-pane-of-glass view into the most valuable information in their ecosystem.

Program Goals

  • Help customers better navigate their data landscape with metadata from more sources

  • Provide a view across increasingly complex data tools and sources in the modern data stack

  • Ensure the consistency and quality of connectors with certification and support

Join the Partner Program for Open Connector Framework

Alation’s Business Glossary enables the creation of definitions, policies, rules, and KPIs through a rich, user-friendly interface. By leveraging machine learning, Alation’s Business Glossary automatically suggests business terms, identifies stewards and subject matter experts based on usage patterns, and incorporates crowdsourcing and collaboration


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Alation is essentially teaching people how to use data, why data is important, why it's good to keep data, and why data quality matters.

Kam Rokon

Data Officer, WoodmenLife