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Alation + Tableau

From Data Rich
to Data Driven

The Value of Our Partnership

Alation allows users to find the best data to analyze and visualize in Tableau to make better business decisions

Key Values of the Alation + Tableau Partnership

magnifying glass to find data


checklist showing requirements are met


arrows in a circle showing data can be shared and reused


Alation and Tableau Customers

Alation Customer: Nielsen
Alation Customer: Daimler Trucks North America
Alation Customer: Munich Re
Alation Customer: Nebraska Furniture Mart
Alation Customer: GoDaddy
Alation Customer: Farm Credit Services of America
Alation Customer: Draft Kings
Alation Customer: Avista
Alation Customer: Aon
Alation Customer: Vattenfall
Alation Customer: MercadoLibre
Alation Customer: Cisco
Alation Customer: ARC
Alation Customer: Cbus Super
Alation Customer: VillageCare

Find & Trust Data

Data scientists & analysts waste 70% of their time searching, preparing, and protecting data. Alation helps you to quickly find and trust reports & underlying data within Tableau and other data sources.

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Alation + Tableau: Data Rich to Data Driven

Meet Governance Requirements at Scale

Governance is a time-consuming process. Alation combines machine learning and crowdsourcing to automate data stewardship, data classification, and data quality documentation – and surfaces policies in your Tableau dashboards.

Analyst-Report: Alation Governance Adds Due Diligence for Tableau Users
White-paper: Enabling Governance for Insight
Business woman meeting with her team going over data governance supporting analytics in an office setting.

Share & Reuse Work

Expansive collection of projects/workbooks make it hard to find and share reports and dashboards. Alation facilitates enterprise-wide access to existing reports, dashboards, and data assets from a single platform.

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