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Alation + Tableau

Alation allows users to find the best data to analyze and visualize in Tableau to make better business decisions

The Value of Our Partnership

  • Catalog all of your enterprise data to find, understand, and trust data to analyze and visualize in Tableau
  • Empower people to make informed decisions to find and select Tableau workbooks and dashboards for analysis and decision making
  • Collaborate across the organization to enable data users to build on their colleagues’ workbooks on Tableau Server and avoid recreating work

Additional Resources

“Alation integrates with and compliments Tableau’s existing data governance capabilities so that organizations can truly balance the demands of agility and compliance”
– Alation White Paper
Users see up to 99% time savings when finding the right data to write and execute queries. From 80 hours down to just 2 hours.”
– Jonathan Mason, IT Manager, BI and Data Governance, Daimler
“With a partner like Alation, our end users can have more trust and confidence in their data insights.”
– Ashley Howard, Tableau

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