Compose - SQL Editor

Alation Compose

Compose is an intelligent SQL editor integrated with the data catalog to help everyone — including business users — get value from SQL.

Alation's Compose an Intelligent SQL editor
Alation's Compose (SQL Editor) showcasing it's real-time guidance feature.

Real-time guidance

Compose guides SQL writers to the right data and away from the wrong data. Queries are color-coded in real time with data quality insights and recommended tables and columns based on popularity. Improve trustworthiness of query results and ensure compliant data use.

Publish, share, and reuse

Publish SQL queries written in Compose into Alation for wider use. Share and reuse queries across your data community. Cut down on duplicating queries, and save an enormous amount of time and effort.

Alation's Compose (SQL Editor) showing how it's easy to use for SQL and non SQL people

SQL for non-SQL people

Boost self-sufficiency: Business users can answer questions without analysts. Interactive SQL forms help new users self-serve. Anyone can edit filters with dropdown menus and run custom queries.

Alation's Compose (SQL Editor) showcasing how you can easily collaborate with your team.

Collaborate with teams

Help business users get expertise to tackle complex queries by messaging experienced SQL writers for help and inviting them to edit. Experts can granularly control query access to ensure compliance.

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Compose is a SQL editor built right into Alation and what sets it apart is now in one view you are able to see not only the metadata that has been ingested for a data object, but you’re also able to query those data objectives. That kind of a marriage, I believe, in my experience, is unique to Alation.

Yash Bhagde

Former Data Governance Manager, Oportun