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Alation Data Governance App

Deliver Autonomous Governance at Scale

New Governance Features

People resist traditional, command-and-control data governance, as it creates confusion and fear. Limited resources and exploding data volume make it impossible to scale.

It’s time to reinvent governance: The Alation Data Governance App simplifies how organizations enable secure access to the best data in today’s hybrid & multi-cloud environments.

Centralize Policy Management

Policy sprawl sows confusion and mistrust. Alation conveniently centralizes policies in Policy Center. Create policies in one location and get complete visibility into how policies are mapped to data. Policies are enforced at the point of data use*, helping meet security & compliance objectives.


*For Snowflake. Support for more data sources coming soon.


Automate Stewardship and Curation

Assigning stewards and curating data typically involves a great deal of manual effort. The stewardship workbench uses AI and ML to automate the discovery of candidate data stewards based on who is actually using data. Stewards are empowered to curate at scale, performing actions (like applying privacy settings) across multiple datasets at once.

Eliminate the Work in Governance Workflows

Change is part of life. Managed change is part of good governance. Create and configure governance workflows right from within the Alation Data Governance App – all without coding or invoking other applications. Ensure transparency and auditability of approval processes across the catalog.


Monitor and Measure

Governance progress was once measured in years. Now it can be measured in days. With the governance dashboard, leaders can actively measure progress on open tasks, policy usage, and more. Adjustments can be made immediately, fueling a closed-loop governance process where improvement is continuous.

“Data governance is changing in organizations. The typical command-and-control approach fails precisely because it leaves individuals frustrated and disengaged. Alation’s Data Governance App allows organizations to change the way they think about data governance, enabling better data use and automating governance processes to support a DataOps approach.”

David Menninger, SVP & Research Director, Ventana Research

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