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ALLIE AI: Accelerating Productivity and Data Intelligence in Alation

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Alation Brief - Allie AI: Accelerating Productivity and Data Intelligence in Alation on July25th at 8AM PDT

Join Alation for an exciting live brief and product demo on the value of our AI layer. ALLIE AI builds upon Alation’s machine learning (ML) core to enable organizations to save time, accelerate data curation capabilities, and democratize the contextual discovery of trusted data. With Intelligent Curation, organizations can accelerate the population of their data catalog and effectively curate data assets with Gen AI at scale. Intelligent Search redefines traditional keyword-focused search and fosters a robust data culture by combining behavioral, semantic, and keyword ranking capabilities for a more intuitive search experience.

In this brief, we will cover:

  • An introduction to ALLIE AI

  • How it works

  • A live product demo

  • Q&A

Join us for this special Alation Brief, a series of short, practical knowledge-sharing sessions brought to you by the Alation Community.