Webinar On-Demand

Boost Your Data Governance with Automated Advanced Lineage

For any organization undergoing digital transformation, effective data governance is critical. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how integrating MANTA’s automated lineage into the Alation data catalog helps organizations achieve effective data governance and bridge the understanding gap. 

Join Ernie Ostic, SVP of Products at MANTA, and Raja Perumal, Senior Manager of Business Development at Alation, explain how MANTA’s integration with Alation works and how it advances data governance with automation. You will learn:

  • How different personas, both IT and business, can leverage data lineage 

  • How automated lineage increases trust in data and reporting across an organization by

  • simplifying consumption and making lineage usable for everyone 

  • How to overcome challenges that prevent organizations from achieving data lineage

  • What you should look for in a data catalog 

  • How MANTA’s extensive lineage capabilities enhance Alation’s data catalog and how together we make data truly an enterprise-wide asset

Ready to boost your data governance? Watch now!