The Alation Data Catalog Benefits

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Discover the power of the world's first collaborative data catalog—Alation! Here's what awaits you:

Key Takeaways:

  • Break free from fragmented data environments.

  • Boost analyst productivity with quick and context-rich data discovery.

  • Foster collaboration and streamline communication.

  • Minimize the risk of data misuse with curated, trusted data.

  • Eliminate IT bottlenecks with self-service and contextual understanding.

  • Easily enforce and interpret data policies for seamless data governance.

Why Alation?

  • Create a single source of reference for all your data.

  • Automatically crawl and index 60+ data sources, including on-premises and the cloud.

  • Leverage Query Log Ingestion for rich context and collaboration.

  • Govern data efficiently with Analytics Stewards.

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