Data Intelligence in DataOps: IDC Infographic

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Navigating the journey to continuous data value

As data landscapes grow, issues around data quality arise. An IDC survey has found that 85% of organizations today leverage DataOps to address these issues. But what is DataOps? And how does it work?

Metadata, or data about data, is the secret ingredient to successful DataOps. Just as Google Maps integrates real-time data to plot the fastest course (observing traffic patterns and weather) so too DataOps leverages metadata (like top users or data lineage) to continuously improve the user journey, from idea, to insight, to impact.

Download this IDC whitepaper by Stuart Bond (and accompanying infographic) to learn:

  • How testing and continuous improvement are integral to DataOps

  • Why metadata is essential to improving data processes

  • The role of data intelligence in DataOps today

  • Why DataOps is essential to effective data governance

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