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BARC Data Management Survey 23

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90% of surveyed Alation users are satisfied with the solution 

What’s the best data catalog on the market, according to European customers? New research in The Data Management Survey 23 from BARC captures user feedback to answer this question.

Alation achieved 8 top rankings and 11 leading positions across two separate peer groups of Data Intelligence Platforms and Data Governance Products.

Download this research report to learn why:

  • 83% of Alation users would recommend the tool

  • 87% of users rate the Alation Data Catalog’s usability as excellent or good

  • 84% of surveyed users chose Alation because of its ease of use for business users

Learn why Alation was ranked the #1 data intelligence platform for Innovation, Customer Satisfaction, Usability, and more. Get your complimentary copy of this BARC report today.