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Eckerson Report: Deep Dive on Data Catalogs

Eckerson's latest report provide prospective buyers with a guide to ensure they partner with the right data catalog to drive success. Download today!

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Eckerson’s Latest Report Endorses Alation for People-first Approach

What can you do with a modern data catalog?

Plenty. In fact, data catalogs have grown so capable that first-time buyers would be wise to match catalog features to vital business functions. But how else can newcomers pick the best catalog for their business? They do their research.

This latest report from Eckerson Group defines the modern data catalog, details important capabilities, and highlights what buyers should seek based on their needs.

Download this research report to learn why Alation is ideal for those who:

  • Place a high value on human knowledge and collaboration
  • Seek AI features that support data search and data governance efforts at scale
  • Want a catalog that can be deployed anywhere, from on-prem to all-cloud to hybrid
  • Need help prioritizing curation assets for curation

Get your complimentary copy of Eckerson’s research report today!