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GigaOm Radar for Data Catalogs

This report from GigaOm discusses the key players in the data catalog market and how Alation is helping organizations find, understand and trust data with a single source of reference. Download now.

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Alation named a Leader by independent research firm

How do the top data catalogs compare? An inaugural research report from GigaOm ranks the top nine catalogs on 10 core criteria and evaluation metrics. This report is a can't-miss overview of the market for those considering a data catalog solution.

“A pioneer in the data catalog market, Alation remains driven by its credo: ‘designed for human collaboration,’ focusing on the data catalog as a platform where users can collaborate around data and create a data-driven culture in their organizations.”  

Download this research report to learn:

  • The core capabilities and emerging trends in data catalogs
  • Which data catalogs are best suited for specific use cases
  • Why Alation is the catalog-of-choice for collaboration, innovation, and data culture

Get your free copy of the GigaOm report, and raise your data-catalog IQ, today!