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German research firm names Alation a Leader

To secure your data, you must know your data. This is why KuppingerCole, an analyst firm headquartered in Germany, maintains that a data catalog is a crucial foundation for data security and compliance in the modern enterprise.

“But which data catalog is right for your business? In this new report, KuppingerCole evaluates leading data catalogs based on the product, innovation, and market. ”

Download this report to learn why Alation was ranked a leader in all categories, due to:

  • Design: Modern user interface delivers a leading-edge user experience, supported by strong search capabilities

  • Data Governance: Leading-edge capabilities for collaboration and curation, as well as strong workflow capabilities, including automated approvals based on policies

  • Modern Data Stack Capabilities: Broad set of connectors for common data sources, plus comprehensive set of APIs for integration with other solutions

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