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TDWI Solution Landscape - Enterprise Data Governance

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Uncover the latest insights in enterprise data governance with TDWI's Solution Landscape report. Explore the evolving ecosystem, understand modern practices, and learn about solutions that propel data governance in the digital era.

What You'll Learn:

  • The integral role of data governance in modern business foundations.

  • Insights into the people, processes, and platforms shaping modern data governance best practices.

  • The significance of collaboration and human-centric curation in enterprise data analytics environments.

  • Key responsibilities and accountability in data governance, including the role of a C-level data governance council.

  • How IT-centric and business-level processes align to ensure robust data governance.

  • Strategies for successful collaboration between technical and line-of-business personnel.

  • The adoption of modern cloud-native solutions automating and augmenting data governance.

Master the art of data governance in today's complex environment. Download your copy now!