Active Data Governance Methodology

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Using a people-first approach to avoid failed governance programs.

Data governance can deliver high-quality, trusted, and compliant data, which is why data leaders are pursuing governance initiatives. They need an effective means to make it a part of their process. 

Alation offers a new, fresh approach. Active data governance builds a community of business experts committed to data literacy as a means to enhance their business’ effectiveness. It is based on an iterative process of continuous improvement -- in contrast to data governance of old, which typically created a prolonged, pricy journey and rigid policies that don’t deliver on desired business outcomes. 

Read this whitepaper to learn:  

  • The key steps in Alation's active governance process

  • How an active methodology accomplishes business, technical, and compliance objectives 

  • Where traditional governance failed, and why active governance must put people first to ensure success

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