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Alation's Open Data Quality Initiative

Learn how Alation’s Open Data Quality Initiative supports individual analysts and enterprises alike, with in-workflow notifications of DQ issues for users, and the freedom to partner with DQ vendors.

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How the data catalog is evolving to support data quality

Data quality is a tough nut to crack. A growing number of business users need data quality details as they work with data. Zooming out, enterprises require custom-built data quality solutions to address their industry-specific use cases. How can a data catalog address the data-quality conundrum, and support individuals and organizations alike?

The new Open Data Quality Initiative rises to this challenge on several fronts. Download this solution brief to learn: 

  • Why data quality must be integrated into the data catalog and made visible to all stakeholders
  • How an open framework welcomes more DQ partners — and fuels more innovation
  • Why organizations need freedom to customize their modern data stack  

Connect all of your relevant stakeholders to the data quality information they need. Get your complimentary copy of this solution brief today.