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AbbVie: Democratizing Data and Removing Silos with a Data Catalog

How a leading biopharma evaluated and implemented a data catalog to mature advanced analytics and AI AbbVie is a global biopharmaceutical company working to mature Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence capabilities. With a broad mix of internal and external data and multiple user personas, each with multiple use cases, democratizing data is challenging. To overcome this challenge, AbbVie is leveraging the Alation Data Catalog to break down silos, increase discoverability, and foster collaboration.   Watch Karthik Kandamuri, who is leading the innovation and capabilities in the area of analytics at AbbVie, and Mitesh Shah, VP of product marketing at Alation, discuss how AbbVie evaluated and implemented a data catalog to overcome the barriers to advanced analytics and AI.   Key Takeaways:

  • How a data catalog can address the challenges to democratizing data 

  • How to evaluate a data catalog for key capabilities 

  • Considerations for roles and responsibilities to support data democratization

  • How to remove the barriers to maturing advanced analytics and AI 

  • Tips for continuous learning and engagement 

Watch this educational webinar. If you are considering a data catalog, this is a can’t miss webinar.