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American Family Insurance Driving Business Value from Governance Programs

Bridging the gap between policy and creating value with self-service analytics

American Family Insurance is all-in on digital transformation. The Fortune 500 insurance provider is adhering to CTO Peter Settel’s rallying cry “no legacy systems; no legacy mindset.” That includes moving from antiquated approaches to governance — that failed to meet compliance and business needs — to a more agile approach that leverages Alation’s Analytics Stewardship application. 

Hear from Amy Keelty, information strategy and governance director, and Susannah Barnes, information standards governance and quality specialist, at American Family Insurance, and Mitesh Shah, VP of product marketing at Alation, to learn how AmFam is leveraging analytics stewardship to drive more value from self-service analytics while ensuring accurate, compliant data use. 

Learn how AmFam has set themselves up for success on their governance journey and see how they use analytics stewardship to bridge the gap between top-down policy-setting, policy interpretation, and enforcement and creating value with self-service analytics. And In particular, hear answers from AmFam, including: 

  • People: How are governance and stewardship organized within the company? What are the job roles and expectations of these individuals and team members across the company?
  • Process: What processes does AmFam have in place to manage analytics objectives that are often at odds with one another? How does AmFam balances privacy and regulatory needs while encouraging increased data use for deeper analytical insights?
  • Technology: How is AmFam leveraging the Alation Data Catalog and the Analytics Stewardship application to achieve more accurate, compliant analytics?

Watch the webinar to take a deep dive into how AmFam drives business value from its data governance programs.