Webinar On-Demand

Aon: Using the Alation Data Catalog to Create a Global Culture of Collaboration

Join us in exploring how Aon, a global professional services giant operating in 120 countries, has placed the Alation Data Catalog at the heart of its data platform. Discover how Aon, with its 50,000 employees, is fostering a data culture that thrives on collaboration and sharing. Aon's Data Transformation Highlights: Breaking down silos and enhancing collaboration Establishing high standards for data governance and data privacyAlation Data Catalog as the central integration hub In this webinar replay, Cristian Varela, Aon's Director of Enterprise Architecture, and Mitesh Shah, Alation's VP of Product Marketing, unveil how Aon harnesses the power of the Alation Data Catalog to:

  • Cultivate collaboration, documentation, and discovery

  • Simplify navigation in a complex, heterogeneous environment

  • Build a robust foundation for data governance, metadata management, and privacy

Embark on a journey with Aon and Alation. Watch the replay now to witness the evolution of Aon's data culture through the Alation Data Catalog!