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Bridging the Data Maturity Gap with Alation and Deloitte

Using data to drive your business means giving everyone in your organisation access to the right data. This means growing your data maturity by investing in data governance, delivering self-service to data, and tackling cloud complexity.

However, a recent survey run by Deloitte found that while 70% of organisations wanted to improve their data maturity, only 10% are in the top tier.

Listen to this session to explore this topic with the data experts from Deloitte, Aravind Subramanian, Partner - AI & Data at Deloitte and Alation, Matt Turner, Director of Industry Strategy and Partner Marketing at Alation, and learn:

  • Where organisations are falling short of their data maturity goals

  • The role of the data catalog in helping organisations make progress

  • What steps organisations can take to improve their data maturity

Watch this on-demand lively discussion!