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Cbus - Driving Data Literacy with Self-Service Analytics

Data environments are growing more complex. At the same time, everyone from data scientists to business users need data for decision making.

How do you navigate complexity while meeting the demand for data? How do you help users find and understand the data they need? How do you raise the bar on data literacy? At Cbus, Australia’s largest financial super fund for the building, construction, and allied industries, the answers are found in end-to-end connectivity with Alation’s data catalog.

Hear John Gilbert, data governance manager at Cbus, talk about how his team is leveraging Alation to democratize data across their diverse data landscape. And, learn how Alation enhances that connectivity to increase understanding of the data, raise the bar on data literacy, and provide visibility into data lineage. He’s followed by Jason Lim, director of technical product marketing at Alation, who explains how data domains helps people find relevant data faster, and how data lineage impact analysis helps to identify who and what is impacted by changes to data. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Relieve the need for IT and SMEs to locate and explain data 

  • Create more consistency and accuracy from data used across the organization 

  • Empower business and technical user self-service by raising data literacy 

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