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Closing the Trust Gap in Data and Analytics

Does Your Organization Have Confidence in Data & Analytics?

Despite big investment in big data, only 29% of companies are connecting analytics to action, according to research by industry analysts at Forrester. A major factor is lack of trust.

The quantity of data available to decision makers has risen exponentially in recent years. More people have access to more data, but few are increasing the rate at which they use data to make decisions. Data users have trouble finding the right data, discerning what is accurate and selecting an appropriate data set is right for the analysis at hand. At an organizational level, teams using analytics are finding alternative facts and stylized analysis, eroding trust in analytics.

To establish confidence in analytics in the new world of self-service, organizations need an agile form of data governance built on information stewardship and a culture of curation.

In this webinar, Alation’s Aaron Kalb discusses how a data catalog can create the foundation for agile data governance. He demonstrates how organizational best practices reinforced through the adoption of a data cataloging solution can help establish consistency, transparency, and collaboration.


Access the webinar replay to learn how a data catalog can help your organization close the trust gap in data and analytics.