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Closing the Trust Gap in Data and Analytics

Is your organization struggling with connecting analytics to action? According to Forrester, only 29% of companies are effectively leveraging analytics for decision-making. The key challenge? Lack of trust in data. Join our webinar replay with Aaron Kalb from Alation as he delves into the crucial role of a data catalog in establishing confidence in analytics. Discover how an agile form of data governance, centered on information stewardship and a culture of curation, can bridge the trust gap. Key Insights:

  • Trust Challenges: Explore the hurdles organizations face in trusting data for decision-making

  • Agile Data Governance: Learn how a data catalog creates the foundation for agile data governance

  • Best Practices: Understand organizational best practices to enhance consistency, transparency, and collaboration

Access the webinar replay now to gain valuable insights and discover how a data catalog can help your organization build trust in data and analytics. Don't miss out—watch it today!