Webinar On-Demand

A Data-Driven Approach to Cloud Migration

Embark on the cloud migration journey with insights from industry experts! Watch our on-demand webinar featuring Claudia Imhoff, analytics and infrastructure expert, Chris Twogood, SVP of Global Marketing at Teradata, Kiran Narsu, VP of Business Development at Alation, and Ashish Yajnik, VP of Product Management at Teradata.

What You'll Learn:

  • The imperative of moving to the cloud in the post-COVID digital transformation era

  • The promise and challenges of cloud storage and analysis

  • Strategies for simplifying cloud migration for business communities

  • Insights into the complexities and difficulties on the IT backend

  • Key considerations for a successful cloud migration journey

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from seasoned experts about:

  • Three essential strategies for aligning data and cloud deployments with business objectives

  • Common pitfalls that can hinder cloud migrations

  • Proven methods to avoid pitfalls and ensure a seamless transition to the cloud

If you're steering your company's cloud migration, this on-demand webinar is tailored for you. Watch now for invaluable insights and strategies!