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Mythbusting the Modern Data Catalog with 451 Research

Does a data catalog eliminate data silos? Can there be a data catalog to 'rule them all'? 451 Research and Alation separate fact from fiction on these myths and more. More and more enterprises are turning to data catalogs to drive digital transformation and create a thriving data culture. As demand for data catalogs has grown, however, some common ‘myths’ have arisen. Watch this on-demand webinar to find out which myths are fact and which are fiction. Paige Bartley, senior analyst for data, AI, and analytics, 451 Research, and Aaron Kalb, co-founder and CDO, Alation, examine the top-four assumptions about data catalogs.   Backed by the latest research from 451 Research and real-world customer feedback, Paige and Aaron dive into these common myths:  

  • Myth #1: A data catalog is either for governance or analytics, not both 

  • Myth #2: Data analysts waste huge amounts of time just looking for data

  • Myth #3: A data catalog alone will eliminate the problems associated with data silos

  • Myth #4: There can be a single enterprise catalog to 'rule them all' 

Access this on-demand webinar to uncover the truth about data catalogs from 451 Research and Alation.