Webinar On-Demand

Data Catalogs are Essential, But Can They Be Fun?

​Fostering adoption and enthusiasm around self-service analytics   In an age of data lakes, enterprise data catalogs are becoming a necessity. Done right, machine learning data catalogs can facilitate discoverability and ensure compliance while fostering the user engagement needed to build a robust data culture. In this webinar, Andrew Brust, analyst at GigaOm Research, and Aaron Kalb, co-founder and chief data officer at Alation, discuss why people are an essential part of successful self-service analytics, and how data catalogs can help foster collaboration and analytics enthusiasm.   What You'll Learn:

  • The role of AI and ML in guiding users to desired behaviors

  • How to employ gamification and tactics to motivate user adoption

  • Importance of user-contributed documentation and peer endorsement of data sets

​Watch the webinar replay to uncover the benefits of grassroots data catalog implementations and how to get teams excited to join in on all the fun.