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Cisco + Alation Active Data Governance

Combining Data Democracy and Data Governance to Deliver Digital Experience

Cisco is a worldwide leader in IT, networking, and cybersecurity solutions with more than 70K employees and 60K partners. To deliver a superior digital experience to customers, Cisco is empowering its workforce and business partners by combining data democratization with an active approach to data governance to ensure quality, compliance, process, and stewardship standards are maintained across Cisco’s data assets. 

Cisco is partnering with the Alation Platform to enable this revolutionary approach to governance. Hear from Abra Le, director of data governance at Cisco, Aisha Memon, data governance lead at Cisco, and Lakshmi Randall, director of solutions marketing at Alation, to learn:

  • Why traditional governance initially failed at Cisco 
  • Why data democratization and risk mitigation represent two sides of the same coin for driving business value 
  • How Cisco is enabling a trustworthy, transparent data foundation with Alation’s data catalog

Access this on-demand webinar to learn how Cisco is implementing active data governance.