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Data Literacy: The Key to Data-Driven Decision Making

Despite the cross-industry drive to be data-driven and huge investments in self-service tools, enterprises still struggle to connect data to decision-making. According to research from Forrester, “91% of data and analytics decision-makers report that improving the use of data insights in decision making is challenging for their organizations” — even as 85% rank it as a priority.

Why is there such a gap? Many data consumers lack the confidence and understanding needed to use data effectively — emphasizing the need to raise the bar on data literacy.

In this webinar, hear Jennifer Belissent, Forrester’s expert on data literacy, and Aaron Kalb, Alation’s chief data officer and co-founder, take a deep dive into data literacy for the enterprise.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why data literacy is critical for data-driven decision making
  • How to assess the level of data literacy in your organization
  • What tools and programs can help you raise the bar on data literacy
  • How to continually engage the organization in data learning.

If you are invested in an insights-strategy, are a business intelligence leader, analytics professional, or data practitioner that wants to understand how a strong data literacy initiative can improve cross-team collaboration and strengthen data insights, this is a can’t miss webinar. Watch today!