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Creating a Privacy-Aware Data Culture with Alation Data Catalog and BigID

The technological and regulatory environments are changing rapidly, making governance and data privacy a priority. The risk of fines and reputational damage is high. GDPR alone has resulted in fines in excess of $550 million. Yet, despite the urgency, enterprises struggle to get a handle on data privacy -- lacking organizational alignment, the ability to scale from policy to usage, and visibility and entity identification across datasets and databases.  

Now, Alation and BigID, leaders in data cataloging and privacy classification, have partnered to bring automation and scale to governing data privacy.  

Watch Kiran Narsu, VP of business development at Alation, and William Murphy, VP of technology alliances at BigID, to learn how together the two solutions ensure more accurate, timely, and compliant data use.  

In this webinar, you will learn how Alation and BigID:  

  • Create a single source for policy application and documentation 
  • Automate the discovery and tagging of data policies 
  • Ensure that self-service analytics users are aware of privacy guidelines

Watch this educational webinar. During the session you’ll also get a first-hand look at the solutions in action with a live demo.