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Digital Leaders in Conversation: Data Governance for Dummies

In Data Governance for Dummies, Jonathan Rechiental makes the topic of data governance much more approachable for practitioners and lay people. He shares how to make the business case for data governance, including during tough economic conditions, and then how to build a data governance program. In this webinar, Reinchental and Swanson will share their insights on how to implement a successful data governance program — with an eye to what’s worked for the most successful and innovative companies in data today.

Jonathan Reichental: Former CIO of Palo Alto, winner of the Best CIO of Silicon Valley Award, and founder of Human Future, a global business and technology advisory firm. He is also the author of Data Governance for Dummies.

Denise Swanson: Data governance practitioner who has led data governance strategy at consumer companies including Groupon and Chewy. Today she leads the data governance implementation at Alation.