Webinar On-Demand

Create an Enterprise Governance Framework with the Alation Data Catalog and Grandview Analytics

A well-governed data environment is key to creating a data culture. Creating that well-governed environment takes an understanding of how to build a framework that fits your organization with a data catalog to help make data governance active

In this on-demand webinar, Alation, the industry’s leading data catalog provider, and Grandview Analytics, a leading integration and data strategy consultancy, discuss how to create a strategic framework that embraces data accessibility and data governance to help drive data culture. 

A successful implementation of these strategies will lead to: 

  • Improved data accessibility and increased transparency 

  • Higher employee productivity 

  • Reduced development and operational costs for managing data 

  • Faster response to business and technology changes 

  • Ability to comply with and track adherence to mandates and regulations 

Watch to learn effective strategies that drive data accessibility, digital transformation, and data ROI through enterprise data governance frameworks.