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From Data Culture Maturity Model to Business Value

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You may know instinctively that Data Intelligence matters.

You may know that with Gen AI, the importance of good data and a data-literate organization has been heightened.

This discussion between thought leaders and practitioners will show concrete evidence on the value of a data mature organization, how to measure an organization’s maturity, and how one high-performing organization has radically improved their use and understanding of data.

Hear guest speaker Stewart Bond, Vice President, Data Intelligence and Integration Software research at IDC, Jade Jones, Manager, Metadata & Data Quality at Sainsbury’s, and Nick Duce, Sr Manager of Customer Strategy & Programs at Alation – as they share industry insights into the developments of data maturity and how it applies to YOU.

You will learn:

  • Evolution of the data intelligence landscape and the implications of GenAI

  • Overview of our model that includes Leadership, Literacy, Search & Discovery, Governance

  • Sainsbury’s pioneering journey to be the Data Intelligence Leader

Also, be sure to check out our white paper, 'The Alation Data Culture Maturity Model: The Path to Data Excellence'. It's packed with valuable insights!