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How a Data Catalog Forms the Foundation for Data Governance - State of Tennessee

Managing data governance in a single organization is challenging enough, but expanding a system for data uniformity, control, and auditability across more than two dozen independent agencies is a massive undertaking. Luckily for the State of Tennessee, their new chief data officer came equipped with a tried-and-true data governance framework which leveraged a data catalog to bring organization, standardization, and control to their statewide data system in less than six months.

Join Kim Wienzierl, Chief Data Officer for the State of Tennessee, and Amber O’Connell, the State’s Director of Data Governance, to learn how the Alation data catalog helped quickly instill uniformity, auditability, and governance into a system that cost too much in time, effort, and budget as various agencies shared and consumed data. They’ll explain this easy to implement, data governance framework, and pinpoint how Alation empowers the State to bring much-needed data fluency to their statewide data.

During this webinar, you’ll learn how the State of Tennessee is using a data catalog to: 

  • Connect governance policies and templates to specific data sources while empowering agencies to quickly and easily comply with compliance audit requests.
  • Offer data fluency to more than 25 statewide agencies, empowering users to easily find and access data through improved data visibility, availability, and accessibility across a wide range of data sources.
  • Reduce reliance on institutional knowledge by documenting processes to improve the scope, scale, and quality of resulting data insights.
  • Reduce the prolonged and unsustainable cycle times for data discovery, cleaning, and analysis. Lay the groundwork for prioritizing time and resources for future data quality initiatives.