Webinar On-Demand

How a Data Catalog Forms the Foundation for Data Governance - State of Tennessee

Uncover the secrets to successful statewide data governance with the State of Tennessee! Watch our on-demand webinar dive into:

  • The challenges of expanding data governance across more than two dozen independent agencies

  • Insights from Kim Wienzierl, Chief Data Officer, and Amber O’Connell, Director of Data Governance, on leveraging the Alation data catalog to bring uniformity, auditability, and governance to the statewide data system in under six months

The implementation of an easy-to-adopt data governance framework, highlighting how Alation enhances data fluency across the State

Discover how the State of Tennessee is using a data catalog to:

  • Connect governance policies to specific data sources for streamlined compliance

  • Provide data fluency to over 25 statewide agencies, improving data visibility and accessibility

  • Reduce reliance on institutional knowledge, enhancing data insights

Don't miss this webinar to learn how the State of Tennessee is transforming data governance and laying the groundwork for future data quality initiatives. Watch now!