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Data Science at Pfizer: Improving Machine Learning with a Data Catalog

Learn how Pfizer leverages the Alation Data Catalog to connect data science to the business Pfizer, one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, leverages data science to do everything from improving application development to finding insights into rare diseases. To better serve the needs of the business users, Pfizer leverages an innovative analytics platform with the Alation Data Catalog.  Tune in to hear Kathy Xu, Data Science Senior Associate at Pfizer, to get a view into data science at Pfizer and learn how she leverages the Alation Data Catalog to more effectively meet the needs of end-users with machine learning.  In this webinar, Kathy discusses: 

  • Pfizer’s approach to making data science work for business users

  • What is data curation.

  • How Alation helps make data and projects easier to find and understand

  • Why documentation is critical to the data science teams effectiveness

Watch this educational webinar replay to learn all about data catalogs!