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Powering A Catalog: Avista's Data Culture Journey

Avista is an energy company founded in 1889 and based in Spokane, Wash. They provide electricity to more than 403,000 customers and natural gas to about 369,000 customers across 30,000 square miles and four northwestern states.

In this customer roundtable, three Avista team members describe how Alation has improved their business.


Nolan Steiner, Manager, Data Science, will discuss Alation's value as both a primary business analyst tool and how it's been leveraged by other teams throughout the enterprise.



Jason Pegg, Domain Architect, will describe how Alation tackles technical issues, its architecture possibilities, and how to build consensus for using the tool.



Harrison Fine, Data Science Analyst, offers the perspective of both learning to use Alation and increasing enterprise-wide adoption of the tool.



Watch this informative roundtable offering a comprehensive look at Alation's impact on an organization!