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Powering A Catalog: Avista's Data Culture Journey

Explore the transformative journey of Avista, an energy company with a legacy dating back to 1889, as they share insights into the profound impact of Alation on their business. Join three key Avista team members in this enlightening customer roundtable, where they delve into the multifaceted ways Alation data catalog has elevated their operations.

Key Highlights:

  • Nolan Steiner, Manager, Data Science: Uncover Alation's role as a primary business analyst tool and its widespread utilization across various teams within the enterprise.

  • Jason Pegg, Domain Architect: Gain insights into how Alation addresses technical challenges, explores architectural possibilities, and fosters consensus building for widespread tool adoption.

  • Harrison Fine, Data Science Analyst: Explore the perspective of learning and leveraging Alation, contributing to enhanced enterprise-wide adoption of this transformative tool.

Don't miss this insightful roundtable session, offering a comprehensive exploration of how Alation has become a catalyst for positive change within Avista. Watch now to discover the tangible benefits and real-world impact of Alation on a legacy-driven organization!