Webinar On-Demand

How Salesforce Forges a Data Culture and Maintains Trust Using Alation

Salesforce has many avid Alation users, each leveraging the data catalog to power their analytics needs. But Salesforce isn’t done. Salesforce intends to empower even more people to make data-driven decisions with Alation, including business users, to create a cohesive data culture

With trust as their #1 value, Salesforce is working diligently to make sure that the data catalog instills trust in data use at all times by leveraging out-of-box security controls. 

Watch this on-demand webinar as Pavan Tumu, director of product management at Salesforce, and Aaron Kalb, chief data & analytics officer at Alation, discuss: 

  • How Salesforce’s journey with Alation, including how Alation is helping to drive data culture. 

  • How different types of users leverage Alation, including analysts and data engineers, and what they’re doing with the data catalog today. 

  • How Alation helps spur broad-based adoption while maintaining trust and security. 

  • How Salesforce is partnering with Alation to meet internal objectives around data management maturity and data culture. 

Watch now to learn how Salesforce, the SaaS pioneer and leading CRM, is leveraging Alation’s data catalog to create a cohesive data culture.